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SolRX 50

SolRX SPF 50 sun protection is perfect for those who want broad spectrum protection with higher SPF.  Incredibly easy to apply, non-sticky, perfume-free and long lasting.  The fragrance-free sunscreen also absorbs easily into the skin but does not lose its efficiency regardless of training, swimming and activity.

Suitable for ALL skin types.

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All the Endurance, Performance, and Results of our long lasting Solrx sunscreen formulas, Spray Dry is a UVA and UVB protection sunscreen designed to go on dry. It will not clog your pours, nor affect your grip while being active. Great for balding heads and children. Paraben Free.

New packaging is designed with the 360° locking continuous spray with Push/Pull trigger for easy spray application for any angle.

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Ultra Protection

Differing from normal sunscreen formulas, Zinc forms a physical barrier that reflects and scatters UV waves. Originally designed for triathletes and water-sport enthusiasts, the SPF 50 Clear Zinc offers the ultimate water and sweat resistant sun protection – maintaining its SPF after 8 hours of water immersion.

SolRx Dry Zinc SPF 50 is 100% oil free to go on clear and clean, with a matte finish.  Developed specifically for use on the face, this anti-ageing formula can be worn daily under make-up.

Offering excellent protection on body and hands it is perfect for more sensitive skins, so ideal for senior citizens and children.

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Lemonade / Vanilla

With SolRX Lip ice SPF 30 Lemonade & Vanilla, you’ll get the Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection for your lips that you would from our WaterBlock SPF 30 sunscreen.

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It’s not how high you make it, it’s how long you make it high!®

I'm fair and prone to heat rashes, with SolRx I need to apply only once and feel 'skinsafe' the rest of the day. Great for kids, no more nagging to re-apply!

G. Mynhardt

My child was diagnosed with cancer, and due to the chemo all his hair fell out. We went to Ballito Bay in April 2011 for 10 days, and we had extreme hot weather every day. I sprayed SolRx Spray Dry SPF 35 on his whole body including his bold head only every morning before exposure to the sun. He did not have ANY sunburn on his head. Not even a slight tan! This product is absolutely fantastic and I will recommend it to everybody!

Mrs A Hofmeyer

"I have been using SolRx sunscreen products for the past 2 years and I can honestly say that I will never go without it again. It is truly the highest quality sunscreen I have ever used and has since become part of my daily skincare regime! It lasts for hours, is non-greasy and does not end up in your eyes! You get what you pay for and SolRx is worth every penny. I would highly recommend this product to anyone and I am very proud to promote what I believe is the best sunscreen in the world!"

Erna Loots, Pharmacist