We are a small company specializing in Outdoor Sports sunscreens, no matter if you’re a Water Enthusiast, climbing Mt. Everest or just relaxing in the outdoors. There is no sunscreen like it on the market today that will protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. We make products to protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays that rate 100% effective tested by AMA Laboratories, NY after Eight Hours in and out of the water.

Solrx has been proven time and time again to stand out above the rest. Our products have been extensively field tested in the USA, Rocky Mountains, California, Hawaii, Florida, Mexico, Canada, Australia, South Africa, The Caribbean, South America, Throughout Europe, The Himalayas, Bali, Mentawaiis, Fiji, New Zealand, Antarctica, Afghanistan & Iraq. Some users of our products include The U.S. Military, World Class Professional Triathletes, Professional Surfers, The Hawaiian Waikiki Lifeguards, The Bondi Lifeguards of Australia, and many other Professionals, including the average swimmer.

Don’t You Want the Best for yourself? Solrx Sunscreen does NOT contain any of the following:

Titanium Free

All of our sunscreens are Titanium Free which, in some instances, have been known to be absorbed into the body through the skin.

Free of Nano-Particles

Nano-Particles has been known to enter the body through your skin. (Nano-Particles are 1 billionth of something)

No Petrolatums or Mineral Oils

These have been known to dry out your skin.



Oil Free

Water or Aloe Based, Non-Greasy Light Lotions that go on clear.


Non-Irritating to the skin. (Tested by AMA Laboratories, NY)

Make-up can go over our products

And it does NOT sweat into eyes.

NO Animal Testing

Feel the difference for yourself!

SolRx WaterBlock™ Waterproofing

We get asked all the time what it is that makes our product superior to”brand”. It is the waterproofing system, and its accompanying GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) mixing system. Here’s a general synopsis: In order to make an emulsion (lotion), traditional technology uses what is called an oil phase and a water phase. The various chemicals in the mix are segmented into these two phases, mixed, heated and blended. There are chemicals in every emulsion that are in there specifically to hold the mixture together. What we’ve accomplished is unique: we actually take the sunscreens and use the mixing of those, as the oil phase. We therefore, don’t need to add any oils to the mix, to make it so, we achieve an oil-free product.

The waterproof system is unique in the industry: nothing else used by anyone else is even similar. Without divulging anything proprietary, the essence of this system is that we use ingredients not used by anyone else in the business. The product, while in its state in the tube, is not waterproof: it becomes waterproof once applied to skin. One or more of the ingredients actually changes chemical structure and part of it evaporates into the air, allowing the waterproof system to bond to the skin. The system is light, won’t clog pores, and allows skin to breathe. There is no body core heating associated with this system, as there is with some of the “drug store” sunscreens.

SolRx South Africa

SolRx has finally gone local! SolRX South Africa is breaking new ground and is bottling in Cape Town. Available in store and online from 1 OCTOBER 2014

SolRx South Africa has such a great following. Due to the import of the product it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep our prices competitive to continue supplying this outstanding USA product, which out performs all other brands as a premium sports product.

After extensive investigation, co-owners Adelle Robinson and Kirsten Horn established that import of the sunscreen as a bulk raw material and the local bottling option enabled a formula which was set to deliver the goods but keep the pricing in the ball park! Edelweiss in Capricorn Park provided the perfect solution and SolRX South Africa’s new line was born.

SolRx maintains its unique waterblock® system making it a once off application proven and tested sunscreen, that goes on and stays on. Offering the same UVA and UVB protection…

It’s not how high you make it but how long you make it high.

WaterBlock™ Waterproofing is a Trademark of Solrx.