I'm fair and prone to heat rashes, with SolRx I need to apply only once and feel 'skinsafe' the rest of the day. Great for kids, no more nagging to re-apply!

G. Mynhardt

My child was diagnosed with cancer, and due to the chemo all his hair fell out. We went to Ballito Bay in April 2011 for 10 days, and we had extreme hot weather every day. I sprayed SolRx Spray Dry SPF 35 on his whole body including his bold head only every morning before exposure to the sun. He did not have ANY sunburn on his head. Not even a slight tan! This product is absolutely fantastic and I will recommend it to everybody!

Mrs A Hofmeyer

"I have been using SolRx sunscreen products for the past 2 years and I can honestly say that I will never go without it again. It is truly the highest quality sunscreen I have ever used and has since become part of my daily skincare regime! It lasts for hours, is non-greasy and does not end up in your eyes! You get what you pay for and SolRx is worth every penny. I would highly recommend this product to anyone and I am very proud to promote what I believe is the best sunscreen in the world!"

Erna Loots, Pharmacist

It's always a challenge to find a good face cream with a high SPF factor, that is non-greasy and doesn't let you break-out. Finally- this is it!

Mrs L Els

I have a wonderful story about a shop in Margate "The Good Health Shop" who have been selling SolRx products for a few years and recently stocked up ready for the summer. A customer came into the shop looking for sun protection as he was going to be working on his roof the next day for many hours. The shop owner sold him SolRx and told him that if he burnt she would give him his money back. He came in the next day and brought her flowers as he had been working solidly for 5 hours in high temperatures and did not get burnt at all.

The Good Health Shop, Margate

"I have used Sol-RX sunscreen products exclusively for over 12 months for training on the Sunshine Coast and when competing in events overseas. Sun protection is extremely important to me and I have definitely found that an application of Sol-RX gives sun protection for at least 4 hours, even though I am participating in an extreme water sport in all weather conditions, ranging from hot and humid to extreme cold and rain. Another important aspect of Sol-RX to me is that it is not easily visible on my skin for lifestyle and action photography, and it does not stain my kiteboarding apparel and clothing. I have complete confidence in the product".

Andy Yates, Professional Kiteboarder

As an Irish person who might not see sun from one end of the month to the next, I am prone to getting sunburnt easily if my skin is not protected. I have used a variety of sunscreens in the past and have been either unhappy with the ingredients list or with the feel of the sunscreen on my skin or both. A friend gave me Solrx sunscreen and I have not looked back since. I use it every single day under my make up going to work, going out at night and on its own as it also works as a superb moisturizer. Besides the obvious benefits of being protected from the suns rays, I swear the truth when I say that my fine lines have been massively reduced around my eyes. I only have good things to say about Solrx and will continue to use it as a part of my skin care regime.

Michelle O'Sullivan, Corporate Media Executive Australian Publishing Resource Service Pty Ltd

SolRX sunscreen saved our hides literally in the Sahara Desert ... During our North to South crossing by wind power alone we were exposed to the harshest terrain, conditions and sun possible. I would argue that this is the harshest environment on earth for skin. Thanks to SolRX all four kite buggies crossed with no sunburn at all. The heat, direct and reflective sun were intense. There can be no tougher arena to showcase the superiority of this cream's protection from UV rays. Go SolRX and thank you from all our hides!

Geoff Wilson, Team Leader Mad Way South - Sahara Challenge

Thanks for your offer and best wishes! I look forward to using SoLRX products on my voyage. Just let me know if there's anything I can do.

Jessica Watson

"At Ironman Hawaii in 2009 I was worried about the sun, and about getting burnt during the race. I put on lots of "another brand" factor 50+ the night before and on the morning of the race, and got burnt something terrible, especially on my shoulders, and on my bald head through the helmet. I had a good complain about all this at one of the Kona bike shops, and the assistant asked if I had tried SOLRX, which I had never heard of. It was a little bit more expensive than the other brands, but I bought a tube to try out. I was in Hawaii for another month of training before going over to do Ironman Western Australia, so I got lots of opportunity to use SOLRX in the harsh conditions out in the lava fields, and on the ride out to Hawaii and back on the Queen K. Without sounding like just another raving testimonial, the stuff was brilliant. I didn't get burnt, I could also apply it on my forehead, and it didn't dissolve and sting my eyes. I could carry on and on, but I won't. I think it is sufficient to say that anyone who knows about SOLRX but gets burnt using something else, deserves everything that they get. I now rave about the stuff to anyone willing to listen. It certainly raises the bar on what the active triathlete can expect from a sunscreen in extreme sun."

Stu Fitch

"I first came across SOLRX when my husband bought some after Ironman Hawaii in 2009; however, Stu was so impressed with it that I could never find where he had hidden it from me. Then I got very burnt one day, using something else, and he gallantly brought out the SOLRX. It was so creamy and smooth on my skin and I didn't get any burning over a 6 hour ride in a very harsh sun - I have never looked back since. Now Stu has to look to find where I have hidden the SOLRX. We both love the stuff!"

Ali Fitch

"Having spent the greater part of my life on the water either wakeboarding or kiteboarding, I was constantly trying many different sunscreens and never settlting on just one. About two years ago I was introduced to SolRx and from the first day I noticed the difference. SolRx works! It lasts for hours in and out of the water, does not end up in your eyes when wet and most importantly, is non-greasy leaving wake handles and kitebars uneffected by greasy sunscreens! I strongly recommend SolRx to anyone who is looking for great protection and combined with SolRx' aftersun care range, you will get overall protection and great skin care."

Chris Wardell, Pro Wake/Kiteboarder

Great product, which I use every day of the week due to fair skin. Was first introduced to this product 15 years ago and have never looked back, even though for a number of years it was very hard to get hold of. My mother who has various skin allergies has now started using the product this year with no ill effect, after I accidentally left a tube out there. I hope this product continues to be the same.


We've been using Ironman (as it was known as when we first got onto it) for probably 15 to 20 years now. We managed to get it from a surf shop at Mooloolaba on a couple of occasions but mostly have struggled to get it until you guys took over the Australian market. We considered being a Queensland agent at one stage because we just couldn't get it. Used to order it from Triathlete's World at Forster in New South Wales for years until they sold the shop. The owners of Triathlete's World even met me at Brisbane Airport on their way north for a holiday with a large order to keep me going as they were having trouble getting it from Hawaii at the time. As the wife and mother of fair skinned people, it has been a godsend to us. Have sent it to the USA and New Zealand with my son on his travels - never came back burnt. So glad it is now quick and easy for me to get.


As a professional lifeguard for 11 years, I've come across a lot of different sunscreens. Lately I have been using SolRX 30+ water resistant sunscreen and I mite add it really works , its oil free , no fragrance and no titanium dioxide, so now I have the protection I need, with true 4 hours water resistance and sweat resistant ....
Whether you work out doors , play out door sports ,relaxin at the beach on the weekends, Working in a Aquatic environment day in and day out like me, you've got to have that protection for your skin .... I have no problem in recommending SolRX Sunscreen to anyone ... Have fun in the sun cheers

Michael Chan, Professional Life Guard

When pushing your body to it's limits it's critical that you're giving it every opportunity to perform. Solrx products helped me compete at my optimum, in the recent Coolangatta Gold Ocean Iron man event, giving me the piece of mind that I was protected from the harsh Queensland elements when I trained and competed. Comfort can be the fine line between success and failure in endurance. I made the right choice as this was my first attempt at the Gold and only taking up Ski paddling a couple of months prior to the event , so after 5 &1/2hours of a combo of swimming, running, paddling both board and ski, I'm stoke to say I finished the race and guess what no sun burn. SolRx is truly an amazing product, now the whole family has been using it even the kids are happy to wear it. Cheers SolRX.

Simon Blockey, Part Time Iron man & Adventure Racer.

I have been using the SolRx Sunscreen for the past 12 months and have found the product to be the highest quality sunscreen I have used to date. As I am a Professional Surfer and Professional Lifeguard I am always in the sun and on the beach in the elements and need to protect my skin to the best of my ability. SolRx Sunscreen is the way in which I achieve this, easy and effective to apply and gets me great results when I need it most. I would recommend all of the SolRx Range to anyone who leads an active lifestyle in the outdoors and am looking forward to continuing to use their great products.Thanks again SolRx.

Ruben Roxburgh

"We will have a box, love the stuff - not only good sunscreen but great wrinkle preventer too - honestly my skin has never looked better & no one believes I am about to turn 52 and I use nothing else except el cheapo cleanser."

Linda Baker

"I am a resident of the UK. I have had a malignant melanoma in the the past and therefore have a great respect for the sun. My husband and I have 4 children and we all are keen sailors so as you can imagine good long lasting sunscreen is important. Over the last few years we have tried a number of products and this year discovered prosport. The children are only young and of all products this has proved to be the most successful. The kids have found it easy and quick to apply and this has been the first year we have not had to fight with them to apply cream."

Helen Blanchard

"Our family is invovled with surf lifesaving, surfing and outdoor for work. John has not used another product that comes close to yours in quality."

Annette and John Lakeland

"Thanks for sending the sunscreen. I live by it and will contine to order it from you wherever I am in the world. It is the only sunscreen I can trust surfing six hours a day near the equator. I tell lots of people about it. I look forward to trying the other products. We do have the occasional jelly fish sting. And of course, since we are in the jungle, we have lots of bugs, so I will definitely be able to try the repellent. Thanks for your excellent service and products."

Jeff Healion

"Just wanted to let you know that after bad sunburns on several long bike rides despite using 50+ sunblocks, a friend gave me a bottle of SolRx iron man. I used the ironman 30spf sunscreen on a 65 mile bike tour, and on a 2-day 150 mile bike tour in full sun, and did not burn at ALL I did not even tan. This is a GREAT product. Thanks!"

Jennifer Welborn

Our little boy Fynn has sensitive skin that would break out in a rash after any sun creams were applied. We tried every sun lotion on the market, and always got the same result. Then we tried Solrx's Rubber Ducky lotion and haven't looked back since! No rash, no sunburn, no worries!

Julie Williams, Cape Town

I am sooo super happy with my sunscreen from Solrxsa! I have been using it for 3 weeks now as I've been out in the sun and thought it a good idea to cover up everyday. I ran out of day cream and now only use your sunscreen and I'm so super excited to say that I haven't had a break out on my face for 3 weeks! Even dry patches on my arms have disappeared! My skin is healing and scars are disappearing! Summer is going to be amazing this year! Thank you!

Mariska Maria Botha

"I recently picked up some SPF30 sunscreen in Colorado USA whilst over there ski instructing. It was the one that was specific to the slopes (which obviously have the same problem as being out on the ocean!) & lasts for 4 hours. I have found, that this is the only sunscreen that really protects me. As my team and I are doing the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race (Australia) on 26th December 2004, I wanted to urgently get my hands on some more stuff for myself and the team. Can you please advise I would really appreciate a response!"

Sibylle MacFadyen

Thank you thank you....bought sunscreen from u on Friday...the original and the zinc.....my daughter applied at 6am....but with cramps and a flat tyre...she didn't think to apply again....she did the race in 6 hrs (her first race) and she never burnt...nor did I with the zinc (was a spectator)...thank you thank you...brilliant product

Bev Trusler

Hi Kirsty. I met you at the expo on Saturday. I don't know how to leave a testimony on your web site. But boy oh boy! I'm impressed with your product. I suffered NO sunburn on Sunday even with a 09:52 start! It's definitely a staple now in my marathon bag but also the first thing I will pack for ironman 70.3!

Estelle Geerkens