Sunscreen was applied as prescribed by test instructions. A static SPF test was performed and our products were rated SPF 44.83. Testing was then initiated. Subjects were subjected to 30-minute intermittent periods in water using whirlpool at 75-80 degrees F, circulation jets on and jogging in place for the duration of immersion periods.

Tests were performed for 16 periods of alternating 30-minute immersions, 10-minutes out, yielding 8 hours (480 minutes) of immersion time. (80 minutes in and out of water is normal testing time on sunscreen/sunscreen products. Look for this information on the product.)

The Results

At end of the initial testing, products maintained rating of SPF 44 or higher. No adverse effects or any unexpected reactions of any kind were observed on any of the subjects, during or after any of the tests.

Testing Conclusions

8-Hour sunscreens will stay on a minimum of 8-Hours in or out of water

No negative effects to user

Virtually ZERO WASH-OFF of sunscreen with products maintaining 97- 100% strength

SolRx® Sunscreen Products Formulations and Characteristics:

8-hour waterproof

Water-based or organic aloe-based

Non-greasy, oil-free light lotions that go on clear

100% PABA free, with no PABA derivatives

Animal free with no animal testing

Padimate-o free

Non-irritating to the skin

All brands have been field tested in the U.S. Rockies, California, Hawaii, Florida, Mexico, Australia, So. Africa, the Caribbean, Canada and many countries throughout Europe and elsewhere. World class professional Triathletes, Surfers, Windsurfers, Divers, Skiers, Fishermen (and women), Climbers, Sailors, Kayakers, Runners, Boaters, Swimmers, Lifeguards, Schools & Clubs and other Outdoor enthusiasts choose SolRx products above all others.